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in a mid-1800s Palazzino

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Palazzino Nina is a newly launched 165-years-old boutique hotel in the heart of Malta, just 5.0 KM away from the Malta International Airport and Valletta - Malta's capital city. Access to all 7-suites is independent through external courtyards which makes our safety measures complete. The hotel is not accessible to non-residents. Only hotel guests have electronic access to the premises.

Forbes Travel Guide Award

A Hygiene & Sanitation Protocol is in place at Palazzino Nina to ensure a safe environment for both our guests and our staff. Forbes Travel Guide have officially verified Palazzino Nina Boutique Hotel as a VERIFIED hotel, guaranteeing peace of mind that the hotel is committed to providing expert-validated best practices for the safety and comfort of our guests.

The Hotel's Deluxe Heated Outdoor Jacuzzi on the Palazzino's Sun Deck

A Deluxe Personalised Service

We will take care of you every step of the way throughout your stay.

The Qormi Experience

Meet the Locals

Explore. Discover. Experience.

Qormi also known as Citta` Pinto - the City of Grandmaster Pinto is rich in culture and history. The locals are very passionate people who speak of Qormi with pride. The city is best known for bread baking, traditional religious feasts, and local food.

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maltese bread
Ħobż tal-Malti (Maltese Bread)

Ħal-Qormi is best known among the Maltese for baking Maltese bread (Ħobż tal-Malti) and, indeed during the rule of the Knights of Malta, Qormi was widely known as Casal Fornaro - the Village of Bakeries - a proud tradition that continues today.

Explore the smell within the bakery which is constantly that of freshly baked bread with a bitter smoke to it resulting from the burning oven wood.

Discover the bakery tools and wood fired ovens used, the bakers' skills, and techniques applied to produce such a staple food on a daily basis.

Experience how a traditional Maltese bakery produces bread, an essential dietary food item in Maltese culture.

Meet the locals. The people who have been baking bread for generations.

A Personalised tour can be organised by the hotel to visit the Bread Baking Experience.

Ta' Kalċ Bakery - Qormi, Malta

papier mache`
Papier Mache` - Street Decorations

Like all Maltese villages, Qormi has its fair share of festas (feasts) and pageantry. It is well worth trying to visit during one of these religious celebrations when the churches, streets, and houses are splendidly decorated.

Explore the various art forms, designs, and skills used to accomplish such marvelous decorative pieces.

Discover the places where such decorations are created and maintained.

Experience the papier mache` decorations concept.

Meet the locals. The truly passionate volunteers who will do anything to create and preserve such decorations.

A Personalised tour can be organised by the hotel.

The Papier Mache` Experience - Qormi Saint George, Malta

Easter Sunday
Parishioners running towards the church with the Statue of the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday

Explore the various religious celebrations which take place during the year. The following are the dates for celebrations taking place in 2022:

  • 10 -17 April: Holy Week - Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday;
  • The well-known Good Friday Pageant in Qormi.

    The well-known Easter Sunday Procession in Qormi.

  • 23 April: Liturgical commemoration of Saint George;
  • 26 June: Saint George's Feast;
  • The much awaited Traditional Feast of Saint George in Qormi

  • 24 July: Saint Sebastian's Feast;
  • Saint Sebastian's Feast in Qormi

  • 8 September: Our Lady of Victory Feast
  • Our Lady of Victory Feast in Qormi (500 metres away from the hotel)

Discover the splendid church, street, and house decorations put up by feasts enthusiasts and the locals.

Experience true Maltese culture.

Pinto Band Club Anthem Saint Sebastian's Feast in Qormi

Explore. Discover. Experience.the various marches played during the different feasts organised.

A Personalised tour can be organised by the hotel to see and listen to band clubs practicing for feasts.

Spectecular fireworks displayed during feasts

Fireworks in Malta have a long tradition. Indeed the craft of pyrotechnics dates back to the time of the Order of the Knights of Saint John.

Today 4 type of pyrotechnics exist. These include: musketterija, solfarelli d'aria, jigjifogooh (gioco di fuoco/Saint Catherine's wheels), and fireworks shot in the sky.

Explore how pyrotechnics are produces, the skills required, and the materials used.

Discover where the firework factories are located.

Experience the passion locals have for the pyrotechnics.

A Personalised tour can be organised by the hotel to visit the different factories and get to know from where the fireworks are fired from.

Jigjifogooh Display in Qormi

Saint George's Fireworks Factory in Qormi

Breathtaking Fireworks Display in Qormi

golf course
Golf Course, Qormi Malta

The Royal Malta Golf Club (RMGC) is the ideal setting for relaxing, working on your handicap, or spending time with friends. Positioned in beautifully maintained grounds and being centrally located in the Mediterranean it enjoys a wonderful climate providing excellent golfing conditions.

Due to the temperate climate the18 hole, par 68 course is in excellent condition for all twelve months of the year and is enjoyed on a regular daily basis by locals and visitors. If you just wish just to spend a short time practicing your skills you can make use of the clubs driving range and the pitching and putting areas.

The very modern clubhouse which is available to members and guests offers exceptional facilities, including an outdoor terrace overlooking the course, the Putters Inn Bar and Restaurant and in addition golfers have the use of excellent changing room facilities and showers. The Pro shop located in the entrance hall offers a wide range of golfing merchandise and the opportunity to hire clubs and trolleys if required.

Explore Malta's one and only golf course.

Discover the joy of playing golf.

Experience a different way to spend time with your friends sharing the same passion.

The Golf Club Experience, Qormi Malta

local wine bar
Ta' Cardona Wine Bar, Qormi

Explore what makes a Maltese mediterranean diet.

Discover the various local ingredients.

Experience traditional dishes and delicacies.

Maltese Vineyards

Explore the various type of vines grown which produce the different type of grapes.

Discover how wine is produced.

Experience the taste of true Maltese wine.

A Personalised tour can be organised by the hotel.

Handcrafted Maltese Filigree Bracelet

Explore the materials used and the skills required to craft filigree.

Discover the technique in creating such artefacts.

Experience the feeling of satisfaction when crafting a piece yourself.

Handcrafted Maltese Filigree

horse racing
Trot Racing, Qormi Malta

Horse racing goes back to the period of the Knights of Saint John.  During the "Imnarja" festivities, which is a centuries old tradition and refers to a harvest festival which is celebrated on June 29th, the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, the Grand Master followed closely the horse races which took place during this time.

With the only horse race track in Malta being on the edge of the town, Qormi has long been known for its horse enthusiasts. Especially so, one can easily come across horses being exercised in the streets both in the early mornings and evenings.  Also, while walking in the back lanes, one can come across several stables.

Explore the only horse racing track in Malta where such events take place.

Discover the different types of races organised.

Experience directly the true local Maltese horse racing passion of the enthusiasts.

View the upcoming horse races here.

One of the many horse races organised in Qormi Malta

Saint Paul's Statue & Fountain in Central Courtyard

Boutique Hospitality

Palazzino Nina is a charming, distinctive, 165 year old traditional Maltese townhouse, discrete, intimate, with the unique architectural features of the period, incorporating seven independent suites equipped with the latest modern amenities. The Palazzino allows one to indulge in the destination's cultural experience and local lifestyle.

A Perfect and Safe Stay for All Seasons.

Excellent Location

Palazzino Nina is located in the heart of Malta in the prominent cultural city of Qormi, 5.0 KM away from Malta International Airport, a 10 minute drive. Indeed the Palazzino lies in the old part of the city where one can venture through quant narrow streets and alleys featuring handcrafted doors, intricate ironware, and shops carrying out traditional trades.

A Perfect and Safe Stay for All Seasons.

Personlised Service

At Palazzino Nina we believe that every guest's needs are important. We will take care of you every step of the way throughout your stay. A deluxe personalised experience within an affordable budget.

A Perfect and Safe Stay for All Seasons.

Thematic Accommodation

The Palazzino boasts unique design and architecture. This can be appreciated throughout, it being built around a sheltered central courtyard. Elegant, stylish, individually themed sun-kissed suites, well separated from each other.

A Perfect and Safe Stay for All Seasons.

Feel at Home

The Palazzino offers a cosy homely feel, arousing the feeling of having a home-away-from-home environment with more than a touch of traditional Maltese culture. Various large outdoor spaces enable guests to mingle, relax, and enjoy some quiet time at a safe social distance such as at the Palazzino's courtyard, deck area and rooftop sun deck.

A Perfect and Safe Stay for All Seasons.

Hotel Sanitation

The hotel follows detailed protocols focusing on health and hygiene in all aspects of the operation, in line with directives issued by local authorities. Such efforts are recognised by The Forbes Travel Guide Sharecare Programme. Your health & safety is our top priority. We will make sure that you will be able to enjoy your holiday safely.

A Perfect and Safe Stay for All Seasons.

traditional staircase

Local Heritage

The Palazzino is rich in Maltese heritage. One will come across the prominent Maltese Cross which is associated with the Knights of Malta (The Hospitaller Order of St. John) who ruled the Maltese islands between 1530 and 1798.


Traditional Architecture

Maltese towns are renowned for their Baroque character, expressed in the buildings left by the Knights. Humbler homes borrowed features from the architecture of the Knights for their balcony corbels, doorways and windows.

hotel facade
The Hotel's Fully Restored Authentic Facade & Main Entrance

Navigate in the map below to see how much centrally located the hotel is to the island's major attractionsn and the Malta Internationl Airport.

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