About Palazzino Nina

A Perfect and Safe Stay for All Seasons

Palazzino Nina's Restored Facade to its Full Glory containing Original Authentic Features (1850)

Who are we?

Palazzino Nina is a family run boutique hotel located in the gorgeous and picturesque 16th century town of Qormi. Guests can experience directly the authentic Maltese lifestyle, its culuture and traditions. This can be appreciated as soon as one arrives in this locality and even more so when one steps into this architectural gem, combined with the personalised service offered by the hosts were no detail is too small.

148 Strada Santa Caterina Casal Curmi today known as 106, St Catherine Street, Qormi but when Italian was the language of the professional people and of the Law Courts, the address used in documents and on postal envelopes was in Italian. Due to a recent renumbering project undertaken by the authorities, the house was assigned a new number, 106. The house was built in the middle of the 19th Century and enjoys a lot of architectural features of the time. It was lived in mostly by a family of Catholic priests. The first one was Dun Ġwann Cilia who had his niece, Maria Gratia Cilia, known by the Maltese name Grezz, living-in as a house matron. Later when the two brothers of Grezz became priests they too came to live in this house. Their names were Dun Ġużepp Cilia, and Dun Salv Cilia. On the demise of Grezz, her niece, Nina daughter of her brother Ġanni, took her place as matron of the house. The nephew of Nina, Dun David Cilia, also became a priest and lived for a time in the house. Nina was a spinster and dedicated her life to serve the family and her community.

The Management

The owners are accomplished management practioners with direct experience in the hospitality industry. All staff and management follow continous professional development courses and training in order to keep up to date with the latest practices in the industry. We strive to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for our guests and staff.

The Accommodation

Guests are able to mingle in a cosy and intimate environment, while they can relax in their elegant and stylish independent suites, most of which enjoy their own external areas. Guests can also make use of the Palazzino's large and scattered outdoor areas at anytime while enjoying tranquil and serene moments in a number of independent, sunkissed courtyards and terraces furnished to guests' comfort. The boutique hotel layout which consists of seven independent suites does not have any corridors and the maximum number of occupants does not exceed nineteen, thus making the hotel a safer accommodation than most other hotel establishments.

Access to the hotel is controlled and only hotel residents have direct independent access through secure door access technologies introduced by the owners from inception of this project. Hence, no access to the general public is possible. Access to the hotel is fully controlled.