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Saint George's Church
Sparkling Fireworks Experienced during Feasts

The Feast of Saint George - Traditionally, the feast of Saint George, occurs in June towards the end of the month. During this feast, one can participate in internal church celebrations and experience the external festivities including the varied and joyous marches played traditional bands and the sparkling fireworks manufactured locally by feast enthusiasts, as well as taste the traditional Maltese nougat from one of the many stalls. This year, due to COVID-19, to respect the social distancing guidelines and the measures issued by local health authorities, a pellegrinage with the statue of Saint George accompanied by traditional bands shall take place passing through the main streets, following the church celebration which will be held in the morning. Guests staying at Palazzino Nina during the feast can enjoy a variety of fireworks produced locally by feast and firework professionals while relaxing at the Palazzino's sundeck.

Good Friday
Friars carrying Good Friday Statues along the Streets of Qormi

The well renowned Good Friday Pageant held in Saint George. This event is well sought after as around six hundred people of different age groups and genders take part in this pageant wearing reproduced costumes, clothing and accessories of the time. One hundred and 20 persons are required to carry the statues made of paper-mache figures on their shoulders during the procession which passes through different streets in Qormi.

Easter Sunday
Friars running with the Statue of the Risen Christ

Easter is celebrated with cheerful processions in both Saint George's Parish and Saint Sebastian’s Parish. As a tradition, the friars that carry the statue of the Risen Christ that form of the parish of Saint George, during the last part of the procession run from the last corner of the main street until the church entrance which includes also the stairs. This part of the procession is an experience in itself.

Our Lady of Victory Church
17th Century Church dedicated to Our Lady of Victory

Traditionally in Malta, the feast of Our Lady of Victory (Il-Vitorja) falls on the 8th of September. In Qormi, a feast is celebrated where people gather for the celebration held in the chapel which is located 500m away from the hotel followed by external festivities and activities. During this time the chapel is decorated to its full glory. The present church was built around 1657 and replaced a previous one dedicated to the Nativity of Our Lady, whose feast in Malta became identified with Our Lady of Victory because it was believed that the intercession of the Virgin Mary brought victory both over the Ottoman Turks in the Siege of 1565 and later in the so-called Second Siege during World War II. Palazzino Nina's Executive Suiteis designed and named after this church. In fact, when standing in the suite's private terrace, one can see the bell tower from a close range.

Other popular feasts celebrated in Qormi

Il-Madonna tal-Blat Feast
Il-Madonna tal-Ħlas Feast
Saint Sebastian's Feast

The following are some festivals organised annually

which Qormi is well renowned for.

The Bread Festival known as Lejl f’Casal Fornaro. Ħal Qormi is best known among the Maltese for baking 'ħobż' tal-Malti (Maltese bread) and, indeed, during the rule of the Knights of Malta, Qormi was widely known as Casal Fornaro, the Village of Bakeries – a proud tradition that continues today. In fact, bakeries in Qormi boast about having the best 'Ħobz tal-Malti' (Maltese bread) compared to bakeries found in other towns, villages and cities on the Maltese Islands which produce this type of bread. When staying at Palazzino Nina, guests can smell the bread baking late at night and early in the morning as the hotel is surrounded by traditional wood burning oven bakeries. In fact, one of the best bakeries in Qormi is located just round the corner, 80m away from the hotel - The Old Bakery Malta (estabished in 1875). In addition, 800m away from Palazzino Nina, one comes across a 17th Century windmill which was used for bread baking. For more information about this year's festival which is happening on Saturday, 17th October, 2020, please visit here.

Another two popular festivals include The Qormi Cheese and Wine Festival and The Malta National Spring Festival. The Qormi Cheese and Wine Festival showcases a variety of both locally and internationally produced cheeses and fifteen different types of wine together with live entertainment including folk singing and local bands. This year, the second edition of this sought after festival was planned to be held on Saturday 12th October, 2020 in the Square in front of Saint George's Parish. However, due to the pandemic this event was postponed to 2021 to respect health and safety measures issued by the health authorities.

bread festival
Lejl f'Casal Fornaro (Bread Festival)
maltese bread
Ħobż tal-Malti (Maltese Bread)
17th Century Bread Baking Windmill
Local Cheeses - Qormi Cheese & Wine Festival Malta
Locally Produced Wines - Qormi Cheese & Wine Festival, Malta

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