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Qormi (Maltese: Ħal Qormi, pronounced Ħar Qurmi in the Qormi dialect), also known by its title Città Pinto, is a city in the Southern Region of Malta, located southwest of Valletta in the centre of the island. It is a rural city with a population of 17,500 inhabitants, which makes it the third largest locality in Malta. The bordering towns of Qormi are Marsa, Luqa, Żebbuġ, Siġġiewi, Ħamrun, Birkirkara, Attard, Santa Venera and Balzan. Qormi has two parishes, one dedicated to Saint George and one to Saint Sebastian. There are also two valleys in Qormi, Wied il-Kbir (The Large Valley), and Wied is-Sewda (Black Valley). Elder inhabitants of Qormi speak a broad Qormi Dialect, which is now in decline. Click here to to view the things to do in Qormi.

Qormi - Aerial Shot
The Palazzino's Excellent Location

Palazzino Nina is located in the heart of Malta in the prominent cultural city of Qormi, 5.0 KM away from Malta International Airport, a 10 minute drive.

Palazzino Nina is located close to the baroque capital of Valletta - 5.6 KM away, a 10 minute drive. Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Located in the South Eastern Region of the main island, between Marsamxett Harbour to the west and the Grand Harbour to the east, its population in 2020 is about 8,000. Valletta is at just 0.61 square kilometres which makes it the European Union's smallest capital city. Valletta's 16th-century buildings were constructed by the Knights Hospitaller. The city was named after Jean Parisot de Valette, who succeeded in defending the island from an Ottoman invasion in 1565. The city is Baroque in character, with elements of Mannerist, Neo-Classical and Modern architecture, though the Second World War left major scars on the city, particularly the destruction of the Royal Opera House. The city was officially recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980.

Valletta, the Capital City of Malta
Triton's Fountain, located outside the City Gate of Valletta, Malta

Palazzino Nina is also located close to the old medieval capital of Mdina, 6.9 KM away, an 11 minute drive. Mdina, also known by its title Città Vecchia or Città Notabile, is a fortified city in the Northern Region of Malta which served as the island's capital from antiquity to the medieval period. The city is still confined within its walls, and has a population of just under 300, but it is contiguous with the town of Rabat, which takes its name from the Arabic word for suburb, and has a population of over 11,000. The city was founded as Maleth in around the 8th century BC by Phoenician settlers, and was later renamed Melite by the Romans. Ancient Melite was larger than present-day Mdina, and it was reduced to its present size during the Byzantine or Arab occupation of Malta. During the latter period, the city adopted its present name, which derives from the Arabic word medina. The city remained the capital of Malta throughout the Middle Ages, until the arrival of the Order of St. John in 1530, when Birgu became the administrative centre of the island. Mdina experienced a period of decline over the following centuries, although it saw a revival in the early 18th century. At this point, it acquired several Baroque features, although it did not lose its medieval character. Mdina remained the centre of the Maltese nobility and religious authorities (and property continues to largely be passed down from families and from generation to generation), but it never regained its pre-1530 importance, giving rise to the popular nickname the "Silent City" by both locals and visitors.Mdina is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it is now one of the main tourist attractions in Malta.

The Medieval Capital of Mdina, Malta

San Anton Gardens is an 18th century historical garden where the presedential palace is found which formally served as the summer residence of Grand Master of the Maltese Order, Antoine de Paule who ruled between 1551 to 1636. Pay a visit to these magnificent gardens 4.5 KM away from Palazzino Nina on your way to Mdina or on your way to Dingli Cliffs. San Anton Gardens - Trip Advisor.

San Anton Gardens, Attard, Malta

Worth considering is a visit to the Buskett Woodlands which lie 2.1 KM away from Dingli Cliffs and 6.0 KM away from Mdina. The Verdala Palace, an official residence of the President of Malta, stands on the edge of the Gardens. Buskett Woodlands - Trip Advisor.

Buskett Woodlands & Verdala Palace, Rabat, Malta

Where the sky meets the sea - Dingli Cliffs are located off the village of Dingli, on Malta’s Western coast. They stage the highest point of the Maltese Islands at around 253 metres above sea-level. The cliffs are located 10.8 KM away from Palazzino Nina, a 23-minute drive. The cliffs propose a majestic sight, particularly if viewed from a boat while cruising, but also from the top - the views are breathtaking, overlooking the small terraced fields below, the open sea, and Filfla, the small uninhabited island just across. The cliffs can be seen as natural forts, since no attacker can approach the island from the West given their impressive height. Whilst walking along the Cliffs at sunset, one comes across a tiny chapel dedicated to Saint Mary Madgalene perched on the edge, marking the highest point on the Maltese Islands. The cliffs extend well beyond Dingli village; they stretch all the way from Bahrija while to the Munqar area above Blue Grotto. At Dingli cliffs you can enjoy hours of walking or relaxation. The views are particularly attractive during sunset time, especially in the calm summer days. Dingli Cliffs - Trip Advisor.

Dingli Cliffs - Sunset Experience

Sliema is a town located on the northeast coast of Malta in the Northern Harbour District. It is a major residential and commercial area and a centre for shopping, bars, dining, and café life. Sliema is located 6.7 KM away from Palazzino Nina, a 15-minute drive. Lining the coastline is a promenade known as the Sliema Front that has become the ideal spot for joggers and walkers as well as a prolific meeting place for locals during the summer season. Romantic moon strolls, barbeques and open air restaurants and cafes have made Sliema the hub of social nightlife. Sliema is also known for its numerous rocky beaches, water sports and hotels. A dip in the sea at Font Għadir down by the promade at Tower Road is not to be missed.

Font Għadir
Font Għadir, Sliema, Malta

Sliema, which means 'peace, comfort', was once a quiet fishing village on the peninsula across Marsamxett Harbour from Valletta and has views of the capital city. The population began to grow in 1853 and the town was declared a parish in 1878. Now Sliema and the coastline up to neighbouring Saint Julian's constitutes Malta's main coastal resort.

Sliema, Malta

Saint Julian's (San Ġiljan) is a town in the Central Region of Malta. It is situated along the coast, north of the country's capital, Valletta. It is known for tourism-oriented businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and nightclubs which are centred mainly in an area known as Paceville. Saint Julian's is located 6.8 KM away from Palazzino Nina, a 12-minute drive. The town is named after its patron saint; Saint Julian who is widely known as Julian the Hospitaller and Julian the Poor whereby he is the patron Saint of hunters. Because of fear of attacks by the Muslims, the Northern Coastal area remained undeveloped until the diminished attacks after 1565. The building of Spinola Palace, coming as it does in 1688, is to be regarded as the stepping stone for the coastal reclamation of San Ġiljan. The palace, together with the surrounding gardens, was built by Fra Paola Raffaele Spinola for the public entertainment as stated in the inscription which one finds above the portico. The palace was enlarged in 1733 through the efforts of Fra Giovanni Battista Spinola, Bali of the order and successor to his uncle as rector and Curator of the abbazia. During the French occupation of these islands in 1798, St Julians was the first town in Malta to be conquered by French troops. In fact it was General Claude Henri Vaubois who led the French forces into Spinola bay. French troops were stationed in the palace and brought havoc there. In fact, it was during this occupation that the Order's emblem atop the clock on the façade was defaced.

st julians
Saint Julian's, Malta
Spinola's Palace, Saint Julian's, Malta
sports complex
Marsa Sports Complex - 1.8 KM away from Palazzino Nina
Marsa Sports Complex - Pool Facilities

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