Ta' Mira

The Woodworkers' 5.

suite 5
Family Suite - Ta' Mira / The Woodworkers' 5.
Niche of Archangel Michael, Qormi Malta
Qormi being a vibrant community of 18,000 rich in history, tradition and culture, providing a distinctive indigenous experience. The visitor can venture through quaint narrow streets and alleyways featuring handcrafted doors, intricate ironwork, as well as a number of craft workshops that still carry on with traditional trades such as gilding, carpentry and the manufacture of traditional horse drawn sulkies. Not to mention the astonishing number of prayer niches, more than 200 in all, spread throughout its streetscape, each housing its own holy statue. The niche on the left portrays a life size Archangel Michael crushing Satan under his heel, and as if to balance this niche, right opposite is a more serene Our Lady of Mount Carmel with child. Both niches are located across the street from the Palazzino.

Such handcrafted elements are in their majority the work produced with much dedication and passion by craftsmen from the locality. It was only appropriate to name one of the suites after Ta’ Mira the woodworkers who are very well known not only in Qormi but in other localities as well for the manner in which they continue to produce apertures in a traditional manner producing as well all the ironwork used in some of the most intricate doors they manufacture.

The late George Sammut founder of the workshop situated in Saint Peter Square, just 450 metres away on foot from Palazzino Nina, worked passionately on most of the new doors which he made in replica of the old ones such as the main courtyard door which unfortunately could not be restored except for its unique ironworks.

suite door
Ta' Mira / The Woodworkers 5. Main Suite Door handcrafted by Ta' Mira (Replica)

It was a pleasure talking to George on the work he produced and one would think it twice to bring up with him the possibility of using any modern machinery to deliver faster as George took pride in his work, took his time and used tools which in themselves were an experience to come across. No design was too complicated for George who worked explicitly with solid wood. His workshop produced and installed the doors but it is left to the customers to polish the doors according to their own preferences and colour schemes. George also gave his contribution to the Saint George Parish Church when a helping hand was needed. His son Paul carries the Ta’ Mira Woodworking legacy in the production of traditional Maltese apertures.

courtyard door
Palazzino Nina's Main Courtyard Door handcrafted by Ta' Mira (Replica - Original Ironworks)
suite 5
Family Suite - Ta' Mira / The Woodworkers' 5.
suite 5
Family Suite - Ta' Mira / The Woodworkers' 5.
suite 5
Family Suite - Ta' Mira / The Woodworkers' 5.
Family Suite - Ta' Mira / The Woodworkers' 5. - Private Ensuite Bathroom
deck area
Outdoor Deck Area just Outside the Family Suite - Ta' Mira / The Woodworkers' 5.
prep room
Another door handcrafted by Ta' Mira (Replica)
A memory of the late George Sammut Ta' Mira, Qormi Malta